Rental Terms & Conditions

Last update on December 05, 2023

Our terms and conditions apply to every booking you make with us or via this website, and it is important that you are aware of what these conditions entail.

Money-Back Guarantee: When is the Money-Back Guarantee applicable? The Money-Back Guarantee applies when your travel destination has a negative travel advisory due to, for example, COVID-19, and if, as a result of the changed travel advice, airlines such as KLM or TUI have to cancel the trip.

Cancellation Policy

If your trip cannot proceed because your holiday destination in Curacao has/or gets an orange travel code, you will get your money back guaranteed from Ecom Rental Car. So, no hassle with vouchers or credit notes.

If you wish to cancel yourself, you can ask for 50% of your money back up to 4 weeks before the arrival date.

Minimum Age

The driver must be at least 23 years old and have had a valid driver’s license for at least 1 year. There is a deductible of $450. You can reduce the deductible for a daily fee on certain rental agreements upon request, this reduction option is at our sole discretion.

Returning the Vehicle

The car must be returned in the same condition, i.e., including accessories, spare tire, and tools, clean, and with the same fuel level.

Damage and Theft

In case of theft of the car, parts, or accessories, these costs can amount up to the deductible for the renter. Ecom Rental Car is not responsible for items or belongings left in the car. Any minor damages/glass damage and the loss of rental days due to repair will be deducted from the deposit. The deposit remains under the management of Ecom Rental Car until the damage is fully settled. The deposit will never serve as an advance payment of the rent. Damage caused without the knowledge of the renter is also at the renter’s expense. The renter is fully liable for damage caused by ignoring warning lights and (temperature) meters on the dashboard and damage caused intentionally, with conditional intent, or with the consent of the renter.


The cars are insured for use on public roads. Damage and pollution incurred through Off-Road use of the vehicle will always and completely be at the expense of the renter and will at least result in the full deposit being withheld. If research shows that the damage is higher than the paid deposit, additional recovery will take place.


Some Jeep Wranglers may be driven Off-Road.

Liability for Injury

The renter indemnifies Ecom Rental Car for all liability for damage and/or injury caused to goods and/or persons transported by the rented vehicle. Costs relating to damage and/or injury to the counterparty exceeding the insured sum of $75,000 will be borne by the renter.

Security & Accidents

When leaving the car unattended, the renter must remove the key, lock the car, and activate the theft protection. Contact Ecom Rental Car as soon as possible in case of malfunction or damage. Self-resolved malfunctions to the car cannot be charged. Flat tires are at the expense of the renter. Changing and repairing the tire ($10) must be arranged by the renter. In case of an accident: Do not move the vehicle, and the renter is obliged to have a Curacao Road Service (Tel 199) report made and refrain from commitments. In case of negligence, the damage will be entirely at the expense of the renter. The deductible applies per event (per damage case).

Vehicle Usage

The renter is not allowed to use the car for purposes other than private use; to drive the car if he/she is in such a state of unfitness that driving motor vehicles is prohibited by law.

Alcohol & Drug Use

Damage incurred by driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be entirely at the expense of the renter.

Driver and Co-Driver(s)

The car may only be driven by the renter unless Ecom Rental Car has recorded the driver’s license details of the co-driver(s) and has granted permission.

Payment of Rent

The daily rental price covers a period of 24 hours. The rental starts at the time the car is reserved for the renter. If the car is returned late, an extra amount of $10 will be charged for the first hour; thereafter, the full daily rate applies. Any collection costs are at the renter’s expense.

Return Period

No refund is given for returning the car within the reserved term. All costs relating to the recovery of the car are at the expense of the renter.


If the renter does not comply with the above conditions, all consequences are for the expense of the renter, if the renter commits breach of contract, Ecom Rental Car reserves the right to immediately confiscate the car without refund. In cases where terms are not applicable, final decision on the matter lies with Ecom Rental Car.